August 1, 2017

FXU-32MR/ES and GX Works3 Software Special

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Compact PLC

For Only R4800  /

GX Works3 Software

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  • Greatly enhanced total system performance with high speed system bus performance (150x conventional speeds)
  • Embedded multi-speed, interrupt positioning and simultaneous start for high speed, precise positioning at low cost
  • Easy programming by using Mitsubishi GX Works3 simple drag and drop software
  • Reduced development time
  • Parameter set-up for a variety of functions
  • Inverter communications
  • Motion control and positioning
  • Buit in Networking capability using the onboard Ethernet or serial modbus communication.
  • SD card slot
  • Ethernet and analogue input/output
  • IPR protection and security
  • Datalogging
  • Seamless connectivity with each device using SLMP
  • High speed (1 GB) CC-Link IE networking
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • Simple connectivity options
  • Remote data monitoring
  • Built in FTP
  • With built in M2M protocol, the FX5 PLC connects to the cloud making it the perfet device for M2M, IIoT and Industry 4.0 (requires external modem)

Future proof

  • Fully backward compatible and designed for the future
  • MELSEC-F Series reborn as MELSEC iQ-F Series
  • Standalone or network system capability

User-friendly programming software

  • Simple drag & drop selectable parts from library
  • Auto-generation of module parameters
  • Main programming languages supported
  • Integrated motion set-up tool

Simple troubleshooting

  • The FX5U offers a range of troubleshooting functions to
    • Speed up system set-up
    • Increase system availability
    • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Comprehensive debugging functions
  • Improved diagnostics functions
  • SD card for tracing and logging

Add On Modules

Max 16 Expansion Modules

Remote IO available

Available Modules

    1. FX5-20PG-P 2 axis pulse train for positioning module
    2. FX5-CCL-MS CC Link system master
    3. FX5-ASL-M AnyWire ASLINK
    4. FX5-8AD - FX5;Analog Input Module;Pt100/Ni100/K/J/T/B/R/S;8 channels
    5. FX5-4LC - FX5;Analog Input Module;Pt100/Pt1000/K/J/T/B/R/S/E/N/PLII/W5Re/W26Re/U/L;4 ch
    6. FX5-20PG-P - FX5;2 axis pulse train positioning module
    7. FX5-CCL-MS - FX5;CC-Link Master / Slave Module
    8. FX5-ASL-M - FX5;AS-Link Master Module
    9. More...


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